The Las Vegas Dance Party Band

Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones hate dull parties, so we never let that happen. Particularly at your party, because, well, what’s the point? ​Consider this: At your next event, do you want to be standing around watching the ice melt in your Mai-Tai, or would you rather be playing a rousing game of “Pin the Tail on the Drummer”? I thought so. We’ll bring the drummer.

Dance, Dance Revolution

​Your choice: ​You walk into the party club, or an intimate gathering of a few hundred of your closest friends.

Scenario 1:

Everybody in the place is sitting around looking like they’ve been called to the Principal’s office. All you can hear is that guy snoring over in the corner, and someone talking about aliens are responsible for gluten. You pray to be captured by those aliens. Please.

Scenario 2:

Every seat in the place is empty, and the dance floor is jammed. Next thing you know, you’re bustin’ moves that haven’t been seen since Danny Terrio’s show. With Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones, expect the unexpected. Say, aren’t you Danny Terrio? ​Our guarantee: Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones have no principals.

Style? What Style???

Well, you tell us. For instance, you would figure that a band with a harmonica player would play blues, right? Easy. ​

What about all that cool Soul and R&B that you crank up and sing along with in the car? Substitute that harp for the sax, and see what you think. .

Any hipsters riding the Swing Dance wave? Check out our video of a roomful of Swing dancers wearing their underwear out from the inside when they hit the floor. ​

Want to keep it mellow, but not lose the groove? From the Great American Song Book to standards and and the occasional show tune, we do that, too. Music at a volume that you can actually talk over, what a concept! ​While we may be missing that principal, we do have standards….

Uunsolicted Testimonials

“My wife and I had Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones play at our block party. Next day, 3 of our neighbors moved to North Dakota because the excitement just upset them too much, but my wife just told me that we’re going to have triplets! Thanks, Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones!” ​Jerry “Shark” Nadeau.

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