Weddings & Receptions

Let’s face it, Dr. Harpo and the Ace Tones is not for everybody. Just for people who want to have a blowout party. No Chicken Dance here, thank you very much. However, we will get your tipsy cousin up on stage to sing along with us, for those memorable social media postings…

Songs & Set List

Weren’t you paying attention back there a few moments ago? Dance music, for cryin’ out loud! Blues, Soul, R&B, Swing and light Jazz. If you don’t see your favorite on our set list, we will do our best to play your favorite request. Fair warning, though, we may get you up to sing it with us. See previous social media reference, above.

Corporate Eevents & Private Parties

Conventions and corporate gatherings can kind of get you after a few hours (or days) of sitting around freezing in a lecture hall listening to someone read their Power Point. Well, like the song says, the night time is the right time. Get that flat spot off of your backside, and shake it like you’re in Las Vegas!


Easy. Just call the band at 702.460.9394 or use the contact form to the right to find out more about their live performances and booking availability.

Service Areas

Las Vegas ~ Henderson ~ Spring Valley